Temporary Work Health Insurance (Subclass 403)

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What you should know about Temporary Work Visa (International Relations) ?

About 403 Visa

The 403 Visa allows the applicant to work for 12 months to 4 years in Australia under circumstances that enhance Australia’s foreign relations like a foreign language teacher, seasonal worker under Pacific Labour Scheme etc.

Health Insurance Is Compulsory

As per home affairs guidelines, for an applicant to be granted the visa, they should have adequate health cover for their entire stay in Australia. Tailor your needs with us and buy your best insurance plan as per your situation. Also, compare and buy your best plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an OVHC?

OVHC is an abbreviation for Overseas Visitors Health Insurance Cover, designed for international visitors and workers wishing to visit or work in Australia

Is there a visa requirement that mandates me to hold an OVHC?

If your visa is subjected to Visa Condition 8501, you must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance while you are in Australia.

8501 condition is a condition applied to 485, 482 (previously 457), 476, 489 visas and more.

What is covered under the OVHC policy?

OVHC helps you cover the cost of:

  • medical treatment when you’re in hospital
  • emergency ambulance transport
  • medical costs to get you back home
  • Some prescription medicines (Not available for basic covers)
  • Medical services provided by a doctor or specialist out of hospital (Not available for basic covers)

Are there different levels of OVHC cover that one can choose from?

Most Insurance providers offer various levels of policies that Visitors and workers can choose from based on their health care needs

You can choose from

A Low Range cover – Covers yourself and your families’ ambulance and hospital expenses.

A medium range cover – Depending on the insurance provider, this level of policy will cover for Out of Hospital treatment and Hospital expenses and some prescription medicines.

A Top Range cover – More comprehensive coverage than the above two covers with more options of receiving benefits towards dental, optical and physio treatments (Extent of coverage vary according to the Insurance Provider)

How do I pay for my OVHC cover?

You can choose to pay your OVHC premiums in a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly basis. With OVHC, you do not have to pay the full premium covering the entire duration of Visa. You can choose to pay automatic payments through Direct debit until you cancel the policy.