Stuck with a health cover that don’t serve your needs or meet visa requirements?

Switch to one that offers great values & Comprehensive Coverage in a Simple & Easy Way !

How to Get Started ?

Purchase the Health Cover Suitable for You & Your Dependents on Visa

At our portal Getmypolicy. online, you can compare great range of health cover plans offered by leading providers. You can buy the one that is suitable to your budget and covers everything that perfectly meet the Australian Government requirements for OSHC or OVHC policy. The entire process of choosing the plan and getting the quote is easy to comprehend and quick to complete.
Notify the Old Insurer with a Cancellation Form
You need to notify your previous insurer of switching the insurance policy by filling the Cancellation form that can be found on the insurer’s website. You need to fill the form and send it to your previous insurer along with the proof of new policy purchase (Which is your new policy certificate).
Claim Your Refund
The Cancellation form comes with a refund section where you can specify your preferred method of receiving the pro-rated premium refunds. This can be a credit card used to purchase your policy, a telegraphic transfer to an overseas account or to an Australian bank account.
Waiting Periods and Other Obligations
When you notify your previous insurer of your intention to cancel your policy, you also have to request for a “Clearance Certificate”. This standard document confirms the commencement date, expiry date, waiting period, listed beneficiaries, and the claim history of your previous policy. This vital information is transferred to your new insurer through the “Clearance Certificate”.

By submitting the Clearance Certificate to your new insurance provider, you ensure that the incumbent insurer acknowledges any waiting period that you have previously served. Switching to a new health insurance policy doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the benefits of your previous policy. If you’ve served any waiting period with the previous health insurer, you don’t need to wait out for entire waiting period all over again and can process your claims right away.

Please note: Waiting period may apply in case higher annual limits are not covered with the previous health insurer
Need help for switching Policy?

    You might be paying a higher premium or you might need a different plan. In order for us to give you the best option. Please upload your Current Policy Certificate

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Why switch to a new health insurance policy?

    Many times we feel dissatisfied with the services of current health covers owing to the changing needs or high premiums. In such a case, switching to a better health cover meaning getting the best coverage during critical times and the value for money.

    Will my visa get affected if I switch to a new overseas health cover?

    As long as the insurance policy meet the Australian government requirements for OSHC or OVHC i.e. means not breaching the 8501 condition, the visa will not get affected with the portability of insurance policy.

    In which case I don't need to bear the waiting period all over again?

    For instance, in your current insurance policy you have waiting period of 2 years for ailments like diabetes or kidney stones, and you’ve already covered 1 year. In that case, the new insurer will expect you to wait for the remaining one year and not the entire period.

    What happens with the annual limits of old insurance policy if I switch to a new health cover?

    All the unclaimed benefits of the previous health cover can be added to a new one. If you have an annual limit of $1500 for any major treatment and you’ve only claimed $500 in the same year, you can still have $1000 remaining to claim.