How to meet you VISA requirements?

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Some visas require you to provide evidence of adequate health insurance before The Department of Home Affairs grants the visa. The Department of Home Affairs might ask you to provide a copy of a health insurance policy for you and any additional applicants applying for the visa with you. Check the requirements of the visa you are applying for.
You are financially responsible for any health debts you incur in Australia. The Department of Home Affairs might consider any outstanding health debts you have if you apply for a visa in future.

If you are not eligible for Medicare, any treatment you have in a hospital or emergency room will be as a private patient. Most temporary visa holders are not eligible for Medicare. A suitable health insurance for student visa holder, graduate visa holder, temporary working visa holder or visitor visa holder will help covering the bill.

For routine medical treatment in Australia, out-of-hospital treatment from a general practitioner is normally the most cost-effective solution. You can be charged a patient contribution, excess or co-payment for treatment by either or both: your insurance fund or any hospital you are treated at.

A comprehensive information regarding health cover can be found in the Department of Home Affairs website: