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Discover VISA Types and Restrictions. (Discover VISA Types and its Health Insurance)-

Why would u talk about restrictions; we are selling insurance so better to stay in the topic.

Whether you are on student visa, graduate visa, visitor visa, working and skilled visa, you will need health insurance! Not only to comply with the Australian Government regulation where on some of the visas require you to provide evidence of adequate health insurance before The Department of Home Affairs grants the visa, but also your health is important, and it can be so expensive when it comes to health in Australia. Therefore, we are here for you to help choose the best suitable insurance to meet your budget and meet the requirements for your peace of mind regarding your health.

Generally, if you are applying for these visas you will need health insurance.


OSHC – Overseas Student Health Cover is to cover applicant on:


Student Visa (Subclass 500)

If you are enrolling into a CRICOS registered provider in Australia and planning to apply for a student visa, you will need to show adequate OSHC for the whole duration of your stay. And if you are bringing your family member, they will need to be covered as well. A student visa can go up to 5 years in line with the enrolment and student need to be always covered in OSHC, it is mandatory.


OVHC – Overseas Visitor Health Cover is to cover applicant on:


Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

After finishing your studies in Australia and if you are eligible you can apply for Graduate Visa Subclass 485. The Department of Home Affairs requires you to provide evidence of adequate health insurance before granting the visa. Therefore, you need it before applying for the visa.


Working or Skilled Visa (Subclass 482, 402, 491, etc.)

Most working or skilled visas will need the applicants to arrange their own health insurance. We only offer policies by insurance providers that are eligible to fulfill your temporary working visa health insurance requirements as set by the Australian Government.


Student Guardian (509)

Parents who are accompanying their children to study in Australia as a guardian to provide care and welfare arrangement of a minor also need health insurance and OVHC Insurance is the right insurance for you.


COVID Visa (408)

If you are stuck in Australia and applying for Temporary Activity (subclass 408) COVID-19, OVHC is the right insurance for you because your health is important to you and it can be costly if we do not have any cover when an accident or sickness happens.


Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)

Although it is not mandatory, for your peace of mind we strongly advise you to cover yourself with visitor visa health insurance while visiting Australia. It is better to be safe than sorry.

To discover more about Visa Types you can visit the website of The Department of Home Affairs: